Treaty 8 First Nation of Alberta Education

Treaty 8 First Nation of Alberta Education

Dene Language Resources

This site offers three categories which would be useful for people learning words and phrases in the Dene language.

On this site;

“We are speaking the Dene way”

Dene Language App:

This is a downloadable desktop app to help learn about Dene culture, territories, calendar, numbers, alphabet, as well as words and phrases.

The Dene K’ee Gudeh project was started in 2009, with the goal of creating a resource that supports Dehcho Dene language and cultural instruction to young children, using the engaging audio-visual features of computer-based activities to connect with its target audience.

“First Voices: Dene learning phrases book”

This site gives the researcher the opportunity to learn words and phrases in the Dene language. Words are listed alphabetically and by category, with one column in Dene and the next translated into English. Phrases that are categorized by by phrase book and there is a search option. There are also songs and stories in Dene presented on this site.

“Dÿne Dédliné Yatié, Æerehtå’íscho, Denínu Kuç Yatié, Chipewyan Dictionary”

There is a link to a Dene dictionary which is approximately 300 pages long. The book is put in alphabetical order starting with English and then transcribed into the Dene language. The dictionary is categorized into many sections ranging from basic, in home, people, in the community, in the bush, travel, the environment, recreation, and grammar.

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