Cree literacy network

Cree literacy network

The Cree Literacy Network site promotes literacy in the Cree language and culture. The site contains concepts about reading and writing in the Cree language, and also learning orally through videos and audio.

A selection of resources:

  • Reading Plains Cree in SRO
  • Listen to Cree, with a Cree live radio
  • Audio files for Cree language beginners
  • Books in Cree
  • Read along with audio files from Solomon Ratt
  • Cree place name project
  • For scholars: Cree electronic of classical Cree tiles
  • Cree texts from Neal McLeod
  • Seasonal, calendars and holidays
  • Delores Sand: Classics in Cree, children’s songs
  • Nicāpān owāskahikan/ cāpāns house audio lessons in Cree
  • CreeSimonSays: Cree texts

This is an excellent site for Cree language learners.

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