Anishinaabe Mino-Blmaadiziwin (The Way of a GoodMe)

Anishinaabe Mino-Blmaadiziwin
(The Way of a GoodMe)

A thesis submitted to the Committee on Graduate Studies in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the Degree of Master of Arts in the Faculty of Arts and Science at Trent University, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, 1998.


Anishinaabe Mino-Binaudiziwin (The Way of a Good Me)
D’Amy Ishpeming’enzaabid Rheault

This thesis is an examination of Anishinaabe philosophy, particularly Mino-Birnaadiziwin (The Way of a Good Life) as it is explained by the traditional Teachings of the Anishinaabeg. To this end, Primary Experiential Knowledge is used as the method of investigation.

This thesis explains the meaning, purpose, and function of Anishinaabe Primary Experiential Knowledge as a method of philosophical exploration based on Applied Anishinaabe Theory: traditional principles of verification based on a personal interaction with traditional Anishinaabe Teachers and Elders.

Since research and learning for an Anishinaabe person includes more than an investigation of the external world – it is also a personal spiritual journey of knowledge gathering and self-discovery, I use a Primary Experiential Knowledge method to discuss the general philosophy that can be distilled or extracted from the traditional oral Teachings without reproducing those oral Teachings in written form.

mino bumaadiziwin