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Language geek is committed to the promotion of Indigenous languages, primarily in North America. This site provides tools that speakers, teachers, and learners can use to communicate either online or in print.

Language geek provides

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Teaching Indigenous Languages

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Teaching Indigenous Languages

This American site by Dr. Jon Allan Reyhner contains links, resources, teaching tools, conferences etc, in order for indigenous groups to teach the languages.

Indigenous Education Articles

Cultural Genocide in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the United States: The Destruction and Transformation of Indigenous Cultures

Affirming Identity: The Role of Language and Culture in American Indian Education

Reading First, Literacy, and American Indian Students

Guns, Germs, Steel, and Education

Reading and Writing to Create Yourself

Reading, Writing and Finding Sovereignty

Creating Sacred Places for Children

Sustaining Indigenous languages in our modern world

Revitalizing Indigenous languages using picture books

Essie’s Story” Insightful words from an old teacher to Teachers today

A new native teacher corps: Integrating culture and language in schooling

LINKING THE PAST WITH THE FUTURE: using heritage languages and cultures to promote academic English proficiency for success in school, higher education, and careers.

The importance of cultural based education

Culturally appropriate education

Teaching Indigenous languages books

Indigenous Language Revitalization: Encouragement, Guidance & Lessons Learned edited by Jon Reyhner and Louise Lockard

Language is Life edited by Wesley Y. Leonard and Stelómethet Ethel B. Gardner

Nurturing Native Languages edited by Jon Reyhner, Octaviana V. Trujillo, Roberto Luis Carrasco, and Louise Lockard

Indigenous Languages Across the Community edited by Barbara Burnaby and Jon Reyhner

Learn in Beauty: Indigenous Education for a New Century edited by Jon Reyhner, Joseph Martin, Louise Lockard, & W. Sakiestewa Gilbert

Revitalizing Indigenous Languages edited by Jon Reyhner, Gina Cantoni, Robert St. Clair & Evangeline Parsons Yazzie

Teaching Indigenous Languages edited by Jon Reyhner

Stabilizing Indigenous Languages edited by Gina Cantoni

Effective Language Education Practices and Native Language Survival edited by Jon Reyhner

An examination of western influences on Indigenous language teaching

University of Alberta: Indigenous Languages Education

University of Alberta: Indigenous Languages Education

We are an educational study program providing courses in language education to Indigenous language instructors, teachers, and First Nation communities. We recognize the need for a program that includes languages, language education curriculum and materials, pedagogy, assessment, school-based language policy and planning, research and technological advances in teaching, curriculum, and research. The inclusion of Elders and Indigenous Knowledge Systems (IKS) are essential to our program.

University of Ottawa: Site for Language Management in Canada

University of Ottawa: Site for Language Management in Canada

The first part of this site is focussed on the geographical situation for Canada’s geographical, legal, administrative, and demographic entity.

The second part is devoted to the history of language in Canada, focussing on the first language spoken from Indigenous people to the introduction to English and French.

The third part focusses on the languages that are still present in Canada.

The fourth is devoted to language legislation in Canada.

The fifth section describes the existing language organizations and services in Canada.

The sixth section compares the Canadian model to bilingualism in other countries.

And the final section the international organizations for language rights.